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Why You Hire Me.

Our main goal as stock advisors at Options Bazzar is to give our accurate advice, informations, and support so they can make wise investing decisions. Rather than hiring people, we provide our knowledge and skills to help you alang your financial path.

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Service Provide

Equity Market

Options. Bazzar offers clients a wealth of information on current market trends, stock research, and customised investment advice.

Portfolio Management

Good news! We are very excited to announce that our portfolio management services will soon be available.

Stock Future

We have a team of financial experts who use their knowledge and experience to analyze and predict the stock market's movements.

Stock Options

We are skilled traders and financial analysts that give customers tailored guidance on which options to purchase or sell as well as when to complete these transactions.

Nifty Future

With years of experience trading Nifty Futures, our team of seasoned analysts and traders has the knowledge necessary to predict the market with accuracy.

Nifty Options

We are aware of the complexity and unpredictability of the stock trading industry. For this reason, we provide a wide range of advisory services aimed at enabling you to confidently traverse the market.

Bank Future

To help you stay informed and make any necessary adjustments to your plan, we also regularly provide updates and insights on the most recent financial trends and market conditions.

Bank Options

Investing in options can be challenging but also very profitable. You can confidently navigate the options market and optimise your returns while lowering risk with our guidance.

Commodity Market

we offer professional insights and advice. Our website is made to give you the most recent information on news, trends, novice—so you can make wise decisions and increase your profits.


Our group of knowledgeable analysts and traders is always keeping an eye out for new opportunities and dangers in the cryptocurrency market because they have a thorough understanding of it.


Coming Soon

Zero Hero Calls

On expiration dates, enjoy.It's too dangerous; the trade will benefit you.


Service Provide

Future & Options

₹ 2999

What you will get

  • Up to 6 calls
  • One-o-One Mentorship
  • Tech Analysis
  • Personal connect
Portfolio Management

₹ 1500


  • Under analyst surveillance
  • Managed by experienced
  • Guaranteed Returns
Equity & Intraday

₹ 3500

Core Features

  • Daily premium calls
  • Expert Advices
  • Premium News
  • Deep tech analysis

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Alexa Domien

SoftTech Owner

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Pitar Frodiz

RBCX Chairman

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Salven Jetar

Pixel Hub CEO

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Options Bazzars is the manifestation of a simple thought - to demystify the world of equity investmenets and create an ecosystem backed by unmatched expertise, transparency and strong relationship that help people prosper and grow.

We are driven by commitment.
Fuelled by trust

We are Options Bazzars.

We are backed by a team of industry veterans and subject matter experts, since our inception in 2011. Over the years, Options Bazzars has grown and becom a 10,000+ strong family. We have embraced financial opportunities with knowledge and confidemce, creating a circle of value, trust and wealth.

Your Trust is our Strenght
Options Bazzars

We Follow a Long-term Investment Philosophy

Winning partnerships are based on trust and commitment - two qualities that are deeply imbibed in each one of us. By providing research-based, unbiased and personalised investment strategies, we go to great lengths so that you make the most of your investments. So much so, we invest in the same stocks that we recommend to our clients. Furthermore, we offer flexible plans that suit your requirements.

A Partnership that Goes Well Beyond Business
For you are more than a client, you are family.

Backed by an Experienced Team